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Upgrade Your Website

Having your website redesigned is a big commitment, so its understandable for companies to be hesitant—even to the idea itself. It’s a time consuming and costly process, but the benefits will out weigh the risks you may be facing now. How do you know if your site is under-preforming? We’re about to show you.

A responsive website is a must now-a-days...

Is it responsive? Can it resize and fit on all platforms? A responsive website is a must now-a-days to keep up with all the mobile devices being released. Not having your website responsive or mobile-friendly means your turning away potential customers from your website. Did you know that as of November 2014, the mobile market surpassed desktops in internet usage? That’s over 50% of your customers who can’t access your website and that percentage will only continue to grow.

The responsiveness of a website does not limit itself to just the layout of your website, it also affects your SEO ranking as well. The harder it is for your website to work on mobile devices, the lower you will rank in search engines. This change was made very recently in major search engine algorithms like Google.

Not having updated content leaves your customers in the dark and disconnected...

Brand Consistency.
You and your brand have evolved, but did your website as well? If you just got a new logo, that’s great! But, you need to keep brand consistency in order to not confuse your customers and damage your creditability. This means fonts, colors, etc. Anything that relates to the new you should also be reflected on your website.

Content is also an important of being consistent. Do you still have pages from 2 years ago that say “Coming Soon?” Not having updated content leaves your customers in the dark and disconnects your brand from them. If you find yourself having issues making updates to your website, then having your website structured around a CMS (content management system) would benefit you greatly.

Customers Prefer Your Competitors’ Websites.
Your business is doing good, but you find your website slacking? Do your customers find it difficult to navigate and thus prefer your competitors instead? A website that is difficult and/or unattractive to customers could push them away to your competitors instead. Taking criticism and upgrading your website every 1-3 years will keep you on edge with technology. The best way to get feedback s to have someone unfamiliar with your website to review it with a set of tasks such as these:

  • Locating a specific item or service quickly starting at the home page
  • Downloading product content such as a specific datasheet
  • Finding contact information and submitting a form
  • Locating a sales-focused call-to-action and clicking through

Old Technology.
While it might not be obvious, but your website could be running on old tech. Does your website have a lot of text as a part of images instead of layered on top? Do you still run Flash? Is the layout constructed using tables? If so, its also hurting your SEO. How so? Well, text inside images cannot be detected and tables just flat out do not work with SEO. As for Flash, this affects your customers more. It can be very slow and frustrating to use and it does not work at all on Apple mobile devices.

Your website is your virtual storefront.

Your website is your virtual storefront. Be sure to give it the same attention you give your physical storefront in order for it to be as effective as possible in communicating your brand and value to your target audience. If you feel like your website is ready to take its next leap forward, then contact us today!