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Using Facebook for Work

At Social Proper, we work primarily with small businesses that range in scope and size but the interesting thing is that we see the same challenge everywhere we go. While time is a huge factor, the main challenge for small business owners is understanding the proper steps to take. Lack of understanding leads to confusion and confusion always leads to a lack of action. The process to creating an engaging social strategy on limited time (less than 6-8 hours per month) can be tackled by taking these 5 recommended steps.

...start by looking at your Facebook insights on your business page...

Define your target market.
To begin, start by looking at your Facebook insights on your business page and see who your people are, what’s their age group, their gender, what content is most impactful to them (likes, comments, shares), what time are they most engaged, etc.

Add value.
Facebook pages normally are self centered, full of “daily specials or deals” and all about the business. We get it, but let’s change our focus here. What can you share from your business and unique insight that adds value to your customer base using Facebook? It should be a mix of humor, tips, great photos and updates on life in general...but be fun, be yourself and stop selling, selling, selling. That always equals zero engagement and a ton of unlikes.

Create an offer.
Groupon,, Facebook promotion companies like Heyo, Woobox and Short Stack knows that to drive initial engagement, increase awareness and foot traffic that you need to provide incentive. Figure out which marketing platform works best for you and create a promotion that you’re excited about and can live with financially. Make sure the offer relates to your business...don't offer a free iPad if you’re a restaurant. You want to build a fanbase that actually cares about your business versus a free handout.

Make sure the offer relates to your business... don't offer a free iPad if you’re a restaurant.

Write a plan.
So you know your current customer base, have an idea on how to create and add value and you’ve decided to use Woobox to run a fun Facebook promotion. Let’s put all of those pieces together and write out a 30 day plan. It should include:

  • Number of posts
  • Coordinating graphics or photos
  • Conversational and relevant content
  • Interesting, supporting articles
  • Be coordinated across multiple social channels

Just do it.
Mark Twain said that “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Well, here’s the most comforting thing to hear when beginning. You are going to screw it up. And you’ll do that multiple times but focus on the process of learning, growing and making quick decisions based on the information on hand. So, get out there and be social. Have fun and let your personality shine through your posts, pictures and we’ll see you on the other side. Are you a small business owner? Did we miss any vital steps to Facebook success? Sound off in the comments!