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A Brief Design Philosophy

I don’t prefer the title “graphic designer,” even though that’s what I wrote on my jury duty survey next to the “occupation” field. I feel that the term is not as relevant today as it perhaps once used to be, and is not accurate in describing everything I do on a daily basis.

I feel that the term [graphic designer] is not as relevant today...

Yes, I do in fact design graphics for print, web, and social media. However, today’s graphic designers can’t simply be that…at least in my mind. I pride myself in being more than a technical type kerning, pixel counting desk slave. In a world where connectivity is at an all time high, there are far more situations to take advantage of as a creative professional.

With the ever-changing landscape of marketing, media, and social and business interaction, a graphic designer must be able to adapt and problem solve better than ever and take it back to the roots of communication: story telling. The aspect of story telling is crucial in my approach to design. At it’s very base form, visual communication and design has the purpose of telling an audience a story whether it’s for entertainment purposes, sharing an experience, or an attempt to promote and market a product or service. Know your message and be versatile with the delivery.

A graphic designer must be able to adapt and problem solve better than ever...

Perhaps this serves as a few pointers to the upcoming generation of visual communication problem solvers, or perhaps it serves as more than just a view on design. Regardless, life is too short to not have a broad awareness and perspective on one’s and design included.

This is a brief philosophical view on what I do. I could spend hours over a few drinks if you care to hear more, but I’m sure you don’t. The bottom line is: See the big picture. Get inspired. Be versatile. Strive to become better.